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Dimension Securtiy

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On this home page we'll introduce our method in cryptography and highlight important facts.

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Dimension Security
- a new method in cryptography -

The security is our basic demand. In the 21st century, it can be guaranteed with difficulty. Anybody is able to read our personal mails, access to our personal datas and deepest secrets. Nowadays, it’s more and more common to hear about hacking a bank’s security system or a company’s.


Today, the most of the security systems are using passwords, so if a hacker can achieve this password, all the datas will be accessible. The so called Brutal Force hacking is wide-spread. It’s main essence is that the software gets into the system by following a directory or trying all the possible characters (words and numbers). Unfortunately, it is expedient in most cases, because of short passwords and the computing capacity of the modern computers. According to the statistics, a common password (depending on its size) can be hacked in several hours/days. It sounds terrible but if you choose more difficult types of coding or passwords this lasts longer (maybe one year). Considering the very rapid development of the computer science, this can’t protect properly.


There’s one probable solution for this problem. Instead of the password you can use codetable (codekey). This is what this software is all about. This sotfware correspond a unique coding byte to every single byte of the data so the chance to decode the source is practically zero. Without the codekey there’s no help for the decoding. If somebody is trying to decode a data with our process, the result can be a Hemingway short story or an El Greco painting or a scanned picture of you. So without the codekey - anything. A hundred bytes long codekey is enough to encode a several TByte long data - without any recur.


It’s necessary to have the codekey both the sender’s and the receiver’s side to encode and decode the datas. The software is able to find the right codekey for the data so there’s a possiblity to have more codekeys in both sides. The software is able to choose the codekey by chance and it’s not necessary to know the codekey on the receiver’s side.

If you have many customers you can use unique codekeys. It means every partner has different codekeys. See the example below.


As you see in this example, if a data is coded using the 1st key every user can decode it. So the 1st user can communicate with the 3/2/4 users with the 3/5/6 keys but the 5th user cannot decode the datas. The 4th key is only known by the 1st user so he can send datas elsewhere (outside this network). But the 7th key is only known by the others.


The fact that the codekey cannot be memorized is not a problem because the key’s size is minimal. It can be stored easily on USB device, cellular phone or a chipcard (even on a chip which is under somebody’s skin). Naturally, the codekey can be stored on a company’s protected computer, too.


The parts of the software:

  • Codekey generator
  • Coding program
  • Decoding program


We are open to prove that you cannot hack this coding software. We encode 3 datas with one codekey. We hope that you can’t decode it so that we can make a business.




The developers

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